Diary of a mysql database problem in 15 minutes

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1:42pm – frantic instant message comes in from a smallish project that their site is down.

1:42pm – I ssh into both the webserver and the database server. Database server takes awhile to actually get a login prompt.

1:43pm – Email containing frantic instant message with importance set to high ( side note- people still use importance in emails? people still email after they’ve contacted you another way? people still email? )

1:44pm – I run “top” on both the webserver and the database server. ( There isn’t any other monitoring since it’s a smallish project. there probably should be. Will have to get client to pay for that.) Webserver looks fine. Database server load is really high, around 5 when it’s usually around 0.30. This is a mysql linux server.

1:45pm – exit “top” and open a mysql command line prompt.

1:46pm – execute “show processlist” in mysql. A ton of queries show up, all behind one sinister looking one on a new table that’s been set up recently.

1:47pm – execute “explain sinister-looking query” in mysql to see how mysql is executing that query.

1:48pm – possible_keys = NULL

1:49pm – Ruh roh. Execute “alter table add index…”

1:50pm – database working.

1:51pm – database working.

1:52pm – database working.

1:53pm – database done working. execute “show processlist” to see 2 queries left on stack.

1:54pm – Execute “top” command, load is down to 2.7 and falling. 1.9 now. 0.70 now.

1:55pm – Declare crisis averted via instant message and email. Wonder again if people still use email.

1:56pm – Assign developer responsible for non-indexed table the task of making sure the schema changes get into source code control.

1:57pm – Go back to regular work.

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