How to check MD5 hash values for a file with a Microsoft tool

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We have a lot of download sites blocked at work, so I’m not always able to just go and grab a utility when I need it. But I usually have access to all the Microsoft sites.  I needed to calculate some MD5 sums for a file on a Windows machine. You can do this with the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier or FCIV. The current version is from 8/22/2012.

The download is a zipfile that you can extract and it produces a .exe file and a readme. I put small utilities like this into a directory on my machine that’s easy to get to like c:\tools

Once you have the exe, you can follow the instructions of “How to compute the MD5 of SHA1 hash values for a file” or just use this:

Happy MD5 summing!

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