Smart Home Naming is Hard

The past two years I have spent filling my home with smart home gear.  I haven’t touched a light switch or a TV remote in months.  It’s quite nice.  However, it’s not perfect and one of the problems you inevitably run into when you start to pile up the smart home gear is how to name things so that Alexa or Google or Siri can understand what you mean.

For instance, I had a light strip on the back of a TV that was named in my smart hub “TV light strip.”  That worked well until I bought the TV smart hub and now “TV” was also a device in the list.  When I tell Alexa or Google to “turn on the TV” they will sometimes turn on the actual TV and sometimes turn on the  TV light strip.  First world problems, am I right?

I’ve also had some issues with temperature sensors.  I named one “master bedroom” and then when I replaced the light switches in there, I wasn’t sure what to call the light for the master bedroom.

When I get my naming conventions down, I will update this or another post.  But in the meantime, be careful with your naming!

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